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Parent and student reviews from across the web...

  • Being a mom of two students at Calvary Christian School has been a privilege. Josh Wilt first graduating class out of CCS AND NOW Daniel Wilt graduating this year. Love the staff and I will continue to be part of this school as long as I can!!
  • Calvary Christian is like no other school! The staff and teachers are amazing! They are So friendly and they work hard making sure the kids feel safe and loved! The classes are much smaller then public schools which means more one on one time with the kids. I highly recommend this school to all parents! Once you walk in the doors you will see how different and wonderful this place is! So Blessed my kids are able to get their education here and grow closer to God while Having fun and learning!
  • This is our daughter's third year attending CCS and she is so happy there. When I ask her how school was each day she always says "it was great!". The staff cares so much and is so kind. I love the small class size and that Christ is incorporated into everything they do. This school feels like one big, happy family! :)
  • Multiple grandchildren have benefited from the experience of Calvary Christian School. Reinhard and Smithers children have been so blessed by being immersed in a biblical worldview. Parents, teachers and staff all share in the loving atmosphere experienced at CCS. Thank you Calvary for the education environment you provide. Thank you Jesus for Calvary.
  • This school is more than just an exceptional education its a family away from home. We support each other through the good and the bad. My son just graduated and all his teachers made it to his open house. It a blessing beyond words and I am sososo thankful for this school. All we need is a bigger building because we are growing so fast that we are running out of room. That's a good problem to have :) Thank you Lord!!!
  • This school is a great blessing because I get to earn an education while my faith is being strengthened in each subject. The teachers genuinely care about my education and seeing me succeed which makes me care more about my own education.