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Calvary Christian School expected student outcomes (overall course objectives through our academic program)

•To effectively teach that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that His death and resurrection provide forgiveness of sin and new life through faith in Him.
•For each student to make a personal commitment to Christ.
•To cause within the student’s thinking and understanding that Jesus Christ is central in all areas of life. 
•To create in each student a firm conviction that the Bible is a practical guide to life and living.
•To develop in each student a keen understanding of academic studies.
•To instruct students thoroughly in arts and sciences that they might develop to the glory of God, spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically, not in their natural energy but through new life in Christ.
•To effectively teach the principles of faith that each student will purpose to yield himself completely to God in submission and obedience.
•To cause each student to progress in Christian living through fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ in studying the Holy Scriptures, prayer, and Christian service activities.
•To develop in students a positive attitude toward God ordained authority structures through the application of scriptural principles in the administration of discipline.
•To cause each student to work effectively with perseverance both independently and cooperatively. 
•To develop within each student a scriptural understanding of how to live, think, and learn.
•To develop within each student a Christian attitude of self-discipline and responsibility. 
•To cause each student to appreciate and desire wholesome recreation.
•To develop in students the proper attitude, ideals, habits, knowledge, and skills which are the necessary preparation for effective Christian witness in this life.
•To give the student the kinds of experience that will help him experience a living faith in God that will make him a credit to Christ, his community, and himself.