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Why choose Calvary Christian School?


Parents select Calvary Christian School for their child for a variety of reasons. We believe that our engaging, nurturing and transforming experience sets us apart from other schools in the community.


1.  Longevity – Founded in 1979, Calvary has remained committed to its mission of training students to be like Jesus

2.  Christian Worldview – At the heart of a Calvary education is the foundation of a Christian worldview that is integrated throughout every class, sport, performance, or activity. Every student at Calvary is challenged to grow in their spiritual walk through compelling chapels,  projects, and Christ-centered role models.

3.  Safety – Safety is a top priority. At Calvary, we work very hard to protect every student’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual safety.

4.  Comprehensive Education – Beginning in K4, and culminating in 12th grade, students can experience a Calvary education in one school.

5.  Challenging Academics – At Calvary, we take our academic program seriously by providing students with a challenging education that prepares them for college and life.

6.  Nurturing Community – Students at Calvary become part of a nurturing community that is focused on the individual. It’s a lot like a family away from home.

7.  Outstanding Faculty – Not only are our faculty passionate about their faith, but they are also committed to instilling a love for learning in the classroom and engaging students in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

8.  Competitive Athletics – Through our competitive athletic programs, students of all levels can play and participate. Calvary offers athletic opportunities in soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, and golf.

9.  Creative Arts – Students are challenged to pursue their artistic and musical abilities through classes and programs in Drama, Chorus, & Instrumental Band.

10. Two Campuses - With two campuses, we have the space needed to provide opportunities for students from K4-12th Grade