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In the Beginning God Created...


Creativity gives us a glimpse of who God is, our awesome Creator. We believe in developing students’ creative gifts and providing opportunities for them to flourish. From elementary through High school, our comprehensive Fine Arts program includes band, choir, drama, and art. 


The Calvary Christian School Music Program supports and fosters a love of music. Students are taught how to read, write, perform, and what it means to worship and how one can worship God through music. Students are encouraged to use their gifts, talents, and abilities in music to worship the Lord. Students also learn how to worship the Lord in music not directly written to Him or for Him, as the Lord has granted humanity an ability to create and make music. Through these gifts and abilities God has given, students may work diligently and give the glory to the Lord.

The Music program consists of K-5 through 4th grade general music, 5th grade beginner band, 6th grade band, 7th-12th grade band, 5th-6th grade choir, 7th-8th grade choir, and HS choir. Students may also participate in Jazz Band and chapel band as an extracurricular activity. 



Students at Calvary are taught to use their God-given imaginations to create beautiful masterpieces and explore the world of art. We incorporate many different mediums – watercolor, paint, pencils, oil pastels, clay, etc. – to keep curiosity flowing and the love of art growing. Students will learn the basic elements of art and gain a knowledge of artists and art movements throughout history. The year finishes with a school-wide art show to show off all of the students' hard work and creative genius!



Students at Calvary have many opportunities throughout our programs to be involved in theater productions. Students are taught the fundamentals of performing in front of an audience, theatre etiquette, reading comprehension, and how to share the Gospel through acting.